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Teacher Resource Kits

Engaging Lesson Plans and Easy Online Access For Your Concerts

Our free Teacher Resource Kits are designed to help you explain and explore what your students see, hear and feel after your concerts.

Music appreciation and performing excellence begins in the classroom. Designed to spark creativity and inspiration, our 2023 Teacher Resource Kits offer lesson plans and activities that directly relate to your concerts.

These are free for all teachers and each commissioned kit includes:

  • Detailed background information about key works
  • New and engaging lesson plans and activities
  • Listening guides and exploration notes
  • Relevant excerpts from the scores for key works
  • Easy online access to recordings for use during lessons.

All Teacher Resource Kits are created by professional music teachers and are designed to deliver targeted and adaptable pedagogical approaches relevant to specific educational stages.

Your 2023 Teacher Resource Kits will be available to download starting the first week of Term 1.

2022 Season Teaching Resources